kampaynovy asked: Hi :)

Haha hi

I’ve been a bad bad bad girl.

perks of being an interior design student

Anonymous asked: i love you. i really do.

i ain’t got no time for love

Anonymous asked: i cant stop staring at you're face hahahahah you've got the eyes that just.. and you hair.. WOW. so stunning hahaha love yah :*

sweet 💕

I love the way you look at me.

Anonymous asked: i'm still drown in your love :">

who wouldn’t be? 🙊

Anonymous asked: I miss you..


I’m a poison. I’m addictive.

Anonymous asked: This may sound cliche cause you probably heard this a million times already, but I just want to let you know that you are really beautiful and amazing, and I mean it :) (medyo nakakahiya magpakilala haha)

aww thanks sweetheart 💕